Amma Bhagavan在世界關係日的訊息


6月9日是Amma Bhagavan的結婚紀念日,這一日也是世界關係日,

每年在這一天,Amma Bhagavan都會帶給人們關係上的祝福,以下是Amma Bhagavan在世界關係日要送給每一個在關係理的人們的訊息:




希望Amma Bhagavan的祝福將愛與喜悅帶入你的關係之中


If only people learnt the art of experiencing each
other, a very large number of families would stay
intact. Otherwise, families would break up leading to
the death of civilization itself. Breaking up could be
an easier option, but definitely not the ideal
solution. We have to put in our best efforts to make
families survive; which means people must learn the
art of experiencing each other and derive joy out of
that relationship.

If families dissolve, the individual would get
fragmented, since he or she would be missing a
mother's love, a father's attention, the care and
security which a family could provide. Loneliness and
pain being unbearable, people would seek unhealthy and
degenerative forms of escape. Such a being would
ultimately be the cause of fragmentation of society

If, on the other hand, you learnt the art of
experiencing each other; no matter how different the
other is from your expectations, that relationship
would thrill you and nurture you. Experiencing the
other, you would learn to experience yourself and in
fact, experience life itself.

All experiencing is bliss.

May Amma Bhagavan's blessing bring love and joy into
your Relationships.

- Guides, Oneness University


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