Eternally in Peace by
Lady Quan Yin



Greetings to you beloved
ones, I am Lady Quan Yin; I come forward and deliver to you the vibration of my
peace to encapsulate you in all that peace holds. It is peace that I wish to
communicate with you about today in order to enhance the vibration and
realisation of peace within your being. Peace is energising, enthusing, healing
and inspirational. When you embody peace you are allowing the current of the
Creator to flow eternally through your being, heart and soul. Peace carries the
vibration of truth, clarity and unity for all to experience. Peace isn’t merely silence or stillness but is a powerful
quality of the Creator which develops your inner balance, harmony and strength.
Peace is contentment with and as the Creator, it is to have no need to seek
wisdom or desires because one recognises that they are complete and carry all
that is the Creator within their beings. Peace emerges with a deeper and
enhanced trust in the Creator, the support and all that the Creat or provides.
Peace develops with the presence of love pulsating throughout your entire
being, emerging from every cell of your body. Peace is not only an experience
but an existence emerging from the origins of your being, therefore becoming a
powerful representation of your truth. When you carry peace with you wherever
you are, whatever you are doing you no longer need to hold on to the aspects of
the personality, of judgement, fear or doubt but create a space predominantly
within you that allows for true happiness and bliss to infuse and radiate. With
the presence of a true and deep peace emerging from within your being, from
your soul, you are aware that you are attuning yourself to the vibration of the
Creator linking in with your entire being to all that is the Creator. The
vibration of your body, energetic bodies and reality become peaceful, existing
in harmony and true bliss with the Creator, you will allow yourself to
experience everything with ease and to encounter the perfection of the Creator.

問候你們親愛的一們,我是觀音女士. 我為你們帶來平靜的振動將你們環繞在平靜之中.今天我要和你們溝通關於平靜的話題, 是為了強化你們存在之內平靜的振動和覺知. 平靜能為人帶來能量, 熱情, 療愈和靈感. 當你們體現出平靜的時候你們是允許著造物主的能量永恆的流經你們的存在, 心靈和靈魂. 平靜攜帶著真理的振動, 以及所有要去體驗的清明和合一的振動. 平靜不僅僅是安靜或靜止不動, 它是造物主的一種能量品質可以發展你們內在的平衡,和諧和力量. 平靜是與造物主在一起和成為造物主的滿足和喜悅, 不必再去苦苦追尋智慧, 不再有欲望,
因為認識到在他們內在承載的一切都是造物主. 平靜是伴隨著對造物主, 造物主的支持及其所有的創造和供給更深的更高的信任而浮現出來. 平靜是隨著愛的臨在發展而來, 在你的整個存在中律動, 從身體的每一個細胞中顯現出來. 平靜不是一種經驗, 它是一種存在從你所是的源頭浮現出來, 從而成為你真理的強有力的表達. 當你們處於平靜之中, 無論你們是在哪裡, 在做什麼, 你們都不必再緊抓自己的個性, 評判, 恐懼或懷疑, 而是在內在創建了一個卓越空間讓真正的快樂,喜悅充盈綻放. 當真實而深沉的平靜是從你的存在,靈魂之內顯現出來, 你會察覺到自己與造物主的振動校準對齊, 你的整個存在與造物主的一切連接. 你的身體, 各能量體和現實的振動都變得平靜, 存在於和諧之中, 你會讓自己輕鬆的體驗一切, 與造物主的完美相遇.


It is peace that I wish
to promote not as an outward energy or experience but as an inward reality in
order to bring harmony to the Earth and the situation that humanity have
created through neglect of their divine self and manifestation. Peace allows
you to acknowledge the divine essence within your being, within each and every
person upon the Earth and with all living matter or souls. This acknowledgement
if accepted by a vast majority can instantly detangle all situations of pain,
chaos, imbalance and harm that humanity have and are causing to each other and
the Earth. Due to your physical realities being so solid and real to you it
would seem that to heal yourself, to heal your actions and the actions of
humanity as a general body that you would have to solve problems in the outer
physical reality. This of course can bring a greater appearance of peace and
harmony being restored in any situation but often those involved are still not
content or fulfilled, often believi ng or demanding that they deserve more,
maybe as compensation or to heal their inward pain.

我希望提升的是平靜—一種向內的實相, 不是外在的能量或體驗, 是為了將和諧帶給地球和當下的現狀, 這都是人類一直以來忽略了他們的神聖自我和顯化而創造出來的情形. 平靜可以讓你覺知到你們地球上每一個人以及所有生物或靈魂內在的神聖本質. 這項認知如果被大多數人接受的話, 可以頃刻間理順所有人類帶給彼此和地球的痛苦,混亂,失衡和傷害. 因為你們的物質現實在你們看來是這樣的堅實可靠而真實, 所以看起來似乎是要想療愈自己, 療愈你們的行為和人類整體的行為你們就得要去解決外在物質現實中的問題. 這樣情形修復之後當然可以帶來表面上的平靜和諧, 但那些相關的人常會仍然感到不滿足或不開心, 常認為需要得到更多的回報來作為補償或彌補內在的傷痛.


It is often that actions
in your physical reality do not always create the fulfilment and contentment
that is needed. When an action of any kind is instigated from deep within your
being, your soul and truth then it is carried forward to the situation or those
involved almost as if it is filled with so much nurturance and truth that it
instantly fulfils each and every person and soul involved. Each person recognises
the truth of the Creator in the energy, due to the truth of the Creator being
presented the situation becomes harmonised by the vibration of the Creator,
brought into perfect balance and perfection.  When the vibration of the
Creator is presented everything becomes attuned appropriately even when fear is
involved. If each person allowed themselves to access the peace that is the
Creator within their being, permitting peace to emerge within every action that
they take and every thought made, then peace would instantly manifest all over
the world even in sit uations that seem so entangled with fear and pain. Peace
would manifest outwardly in the physical reality of the Earth because it would
trigger a deep remembrance and resonance of and with the Creator. All that is
being held onto and no longer needed would insistently fall away, leaving only
that which is true, blissful, love and the Creator.

 經常的物質現實中的行為不是總能製造出所需的開心和滿足的結果. 當任何一種發自於內在或靈魂真理深處的行為被帶入到情形或相關事物之中, 就像是真理被注入其中般深深地滋養, 頃刻間會滿足相關的每一個人和靈魂. 每一個人都是在能量中認識到造物主的真理, 因為當造物主的真理被呈現出來, 情形因為造物主的振動而變得和諧, 進入平衡和完美之中. 當造物主的振動臨在時, 每一件事都是協調的即使還有恐懼蘊含其中. 如果每一個人都允許自己進入他們內在造物主的平靜之中, 允許平靜出現在他們所做的每一個行為和想法之中, 那麼平靜會立即顯現在整個世界即使某些局面似乎仍有恐懼和痛苦糾纏其中. 平靜會顯化在地球外在的物質現實之中, 因為它會激起深深的’憶起’及與造物主的共鳴. 所有那些被緊緊抓住和不再需要的一定會分崩離析, 留下的只有真實, 祝福, 愛和造物主


Peace is often
associated with the mind, as you are asked and encouraged to create a peaceful
mind free from unproductive or fearful thoughts but peace can and does develop
on a deeper level within your entire being. Peace as I have stated ignites and
flows from the soul and truth within you, it is valued as a power, a source of
protection while also allowing a deeper unity with the Creator. Peace and all
its beautiful qualities can be an emotional state which remains as an
expression of your being throughout any situation, meaning that your emotions
are balanced rather than soaring from one extreme to another. One can still experience
sadness or happiness emotionally but with the presence of peace there is no
attachment or holding onto the emotion, it is experienced almost at its
smallest volume, once recognised it glides away. Even when an emotion is
experienced peace is always present as a support, power and strength.

平靜經常是和心智相連, 我們要求和鼓勵你們去創建平靜的心智, 遠離沒有創造力和恐懼的思想, 但是平靜能夠也確實可以在你的整個存在中更深入的發展. 平靜, 就如我前面講的, 源於和流自你內在的靈魂和真理, 當允許自己與造物主更深的合一時, 它被視為一種力量, 保護的源泉. 平靜與其所有美好的品質可以是一種情緒狀態, 作為你的存在在任何情境中保留的一種表達, 意指你的情緒是平衡的,不會在兩極間擺蕩. 一個人可能仍會經歷情緒上的悲與喜, 但因為有平靜在就不會有情感上的掛礙和執著, 會以最小的幅度去經歷, 一旦被察覺到就會溜走. 即使是處於某種情緒當中, 平靜也總是作為一種支持和力量顯現.


Peace can also be
present within the physical body creating perfect health and vitality. If you
can imagine peace existing within every cell of your being all irritations on
an energetic level that anchor and manifest into the perfection of the body to
cause imperfections would vanish. The body would be content, experiencing the
wealth and abundance of the Creator, completely and absolutely in harmony and
wellness. Often complaints of the physical body are like discontentment
sometimes sourced from the energetic bodies or the mind, when peace is present
bringing forth the vibration of truth then everything is attuned to the Creator
becoming content, healed and the perfection of the Creator.

平靜在物質身體之中會帶來完美的健康和豐沛的活力. 如果你能想像平靜存在於每一個細胞之中, 所有能量層面上的煩惱顯化出來的身體的缺陷都將會消失. 身體會是滿足快樂的, 體驗著造物主的富足和豐盛, 完全的處於和諧和康樂的狀態之中. 身體的疾病經常是源自於能量體或心智的不滿, 當平靜臨在帶入到真理的振動之中, 每一件事物都因與造物主對齊而變得滿足, 被療愈, 體現著造物主的完滿.


Peace can be present
with your conscious awareness within the spiritual body and being acting as a
foundation to encourage of inspiration, truth, wisdom and realisations to
arise. When you allow the vibration of peace from your soul to exist within
your spiritual being and body you are able to experience a deep contentment
with your spiritual journey on the Earth. Even if you do not understand your
spiritual path nor are able to comprehend the next step to aid your
enlightenment, if peace is present you are able to be content in your
experiences and the present moment, content with all that you have discovered
and at peace with the idea that everything will flow from you with divine
timing. Contentment and peace with your spiritual journey is a powerful tool to
wield as it allows you to look within rather than seeking with urgency outside
of yourself. With peace in your spiritual being you have the ability to relax
deeper into your truth and inner guidance. Peace encourage s you to realise
that in truth there is nothing to seek, all is already present, which can bring
a deep healing to your entire being. The hunger, urgency, yearning for
ascension may also subside allowing you to experience the joys of ascension
with ease and perfection in divine timing. It is sometimes that the hunger for
ascension can create a block or can limit your ascension as you try to force
and push yourself to experience that which will be experienced with divine

平靜也在靈性體內和意識覺知一起被呈現出來, 作為一個基礎激發靈感,真理,智慧和覺知的升起. 當你允許來自于靈魂的平靜振動存在於你的靈性存在和靈性體中, 你會體驗到對地球上靈性之旅的深深的喜悅和滿足. 即使你即不瞭解你的靈性之路也不理解協助你覺悟的下一個步驟, 但只要平靜在你就會在你的體驗和當下感到快樂滿足, 對你發現的一切感到快樂, 在平靜中知曉一切都在神聖的時間安排下流動. 快樂滿足和平靜是你靈性之旅中很好用的一個有力工具, 因為它支持你向內看而不是焦急的在你之外尋找. 有平靜駐留在你的靈性存在之中,你能夠更深的放鬆進入你的真理和內在指引. 平靜支援你認識到在真理中沒有什麼可追尋的, 一切都已呈現, 能給你的整個存在帶來深深的療愈. 對揚升的渴望,急切和期盼也會平息,讓你在神聖時間的安排下輕鬆完美的體驗到揚升的喜悅。有時對揚升的急切會造成一種阻塞反而限制你的揚升,因為你嘗試去強迫和推動自己去經歷只有到了神聖時間才會經歷到的一些事情。


The vibration of peace
is immensely important within all aspects of your being especially when it
flows from the soul; it has a powerful ability of bringing everything into
balance and harmony. I wish to share an invocation with you to assist your
experience of the peace of your soul.



Quan Yin, I call you forward to support, enlighten and nurture my entire being
and existence as a light source in this physical body upon the Earth. I ask
that you become one with my heart and soul so that we may share in the love and
truth that is the Creator.



Please assist me in
activating the vibration and essence of peace from within my soul, I now allow
my soul light to emanate a pure vibrational light of peace into every aspect of
my being. May peace bring harmony, truth, healing, enlightenment, energised
experiences, balance and Creator focus to my entire being, within all levels
and bodies of my being.



I now experience the
vibration of peace from my soul emanating into my physical body, etheric body,
emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, entire being and existence on the



I am peace, I am at
peace and I experience peace as a deep healing and awakening for my entire



Take some time to allow the
essence of peace from your soul and heart to flow and merge with your entire



In peace always,



Lady Quan Yin



Channelled through
Natalie Glasson- 10th June 2013- www.omna.org









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