Beloved Ones,

The days that are before
you bring deeper connections to the light that is within you. Most of you are
now connecting your innate being to Mother Earth on a daily basis and this is
helping you to stay grounded in your perceptions of the world around you. There
is much that is happening that is helping to create the changes that are
necessary to move humanity forward into greater awareness and consciousness.
The awakening on a mass level is now occurring and this is something that every
soul upon the planet has chosen at their soul level. At soul level, there is
oneness of purpose and that is to bring the Earth and all her inhabitants into
greater alignment with their glorious destiny.



You are all noticing the quickening of awareness in those in your immediate
vicinity and the thoughtful and serious consideration of all that which needs
to be brought into the light, which they are recognizing. Those who are here to
lead the way in this are stepping forward in their role as change agents and
they are prepared to stand in their light and be a voice for change. Send these
ones light and prayers of protection, for the paths they have chosen are not
easy ones. Still, they have the strength of soul to persist in their higher
vision of a better world. The awakening will continue to proceed exponentially
and the impetus will lead to peaceful transformation of all the old paradigms
that no longer resonate with the new Earth reality.


Those of you who have been holding the light and your higher vision are
beginning to understand how your efforts are now unfolding. It is the younger
members of humanity for whom you created these new paradigms who are now
stepping up to the plate, as it were, and it has enabled and empowered these
ones to step forward in these now moments as the bell ringers, heralds and
spokespersons, who are standing up and speaking forth the sentiments within
each human heart. They are questioning the established paradigms and asking
why? Why must humanity as a whole accept such limited and constricted ways of
being as they walk their paths upon the Earth? Surely there must be a better
way, a more peaceful and empowered way of living life.


Let your hearts be gladdened by their bravery and the sacrifice of their lives
as they knew them in order to create a better way. Send light and love into the
new crystalline grids which now connect the whole of humanity and its
consciousness, and permeate the atmosphere of the Earth with the violet flame
of transmutation. This is a service that you can each silently and quietly
perform as you go about your daily concerns. You have no idea how great this
service really is to the Divine Plan, for the establishment of the new golden
age upon the Earth. You have been doing this service for decades and the fruits
of your labors are now coming to fruition.


Remember to spend as much time in nature as your situation allows, and to drink
copious amounts of pure clean water to enable your physical bodies to adjust to
the new energies with greater ease and comfort. Most of all, nurture and love
yourselves, for this is the greatest area in need of improvement for all of
humanity. It is time to release the universal subconscious thoughtforms of ‘not good enough
that have been holding humanity hostage. It is time to begin to see the
magnificence that has been hidden within you and which now begins to burst
forth spontaneously. Bring joy and laughter into the equation, so that it
enlightens the heavy load for everyone.


Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

譯者 U2覺醒




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