By PAPA thru Bela


May 14, 2011 - 12:31:09 PM






Message from PAPA thru Bela: THE CALLING – PLEASE RISE


from Father (PAPA Source)

thru Bela


I give these words to you: It is time for this creation to rise up. LET THE GOD WITHIN YOU STAND so that you can bear the weight of what is to come and reach the heights to which you are capable. This is a calling like you have never experienced. Rise and be present or fall where you may – but notice I will take of you nonetheless – none can hide. 



EVA LU!EVA LU!EVA LU! sounds through creation now as a mighty call that ALL MUST HEAR AND RESPOND. Decide to HEAR, RISE and TURN TO FACE evermore the palpable light –EVA LU! As a new sprout yearns toward the light so shall you nowreachif you are to produce a blossom, bear fruit for LIFE ETERNAL and partner in the production of “heavenly honey” to feed the creation. 

EVA LU!EVA LU!EVA LU!現在聲音(巨浪聲波)如同一個有力的召喚穿透這造物,【所有一切必定能聽到和回應】。下決心去【聽到、覺醒,並轉向面對】這永恆的、可觸及的光— EVA LU !如同一個新生的萌芽,嚮往這光明,你們現在也應如此向外擴展,如果你們想要讓花綻放,結出【永恆生命】的果實,在哺育這造物的‘天堂蜂蜜’的醞釀中來合作。


I am tallying up the fruit of this creation. May it be sweet and plentiful though it may be from but precious few. Therefore I put before you: Receive and vibratewithEVA LU” to the core of your being and your world as I KISS YOUR CROWN. As the bee pollinates the blossom, I come close to touch you. Will you choose to receive MY gift or will you choose to perceive this as a sting? 


我正在清點這個造物的果實。它可能是甜的、豐富的;也可能只是少數而珍貴的果實。因此我(把我的話)放在你們面前:接受並與‘EVE LU’一起振動,直達你們存在和你們世界的核心,正如【我親吻你們的頭頂】。就像蜜蜂為花授粉,我靠近來觸摸你。你們將選擇接受【我】的禮物還是選擇視為一種刺痛呢?


Changed will you and your world be by this encounter, exchange, ONENESS – for I gift you with this closer touch that we may know one another more intimately with a new revealing of undeniable unity.EVA LU! MY dear ones –EVA LU!


你們和你們的世界將會被這個相遇、交流、合一所改變-因為我贈送給你們這更親密的接觸,如此我們便會更親密地瞭解彼此,通過對確切無疑之一體性的嶄新揭示. EVA LU! 我親愛的人們-EVA LU!



041211(I just received this from Bela today. this of course is speaking of the Wave and is related to pieces I have posted also from elsewhere than AH in the WAVE section.)



Get ready. . . and LISTEN


WE who are the heavenly host collective speak as one to you now. P E A C E waft over and through you that you may tug knowingly on the umbilical cord and be born with this earth anew. You need to be focused and calm to do this as well as you have planned. The water has broken and repositioning and movement is stretching the limits of every mind, heart, and body. Relax into this.



Push forward with assuredness, centeredness and clarity of purpose all at the same time. It is called labor for good reason. Your consciousness travels along the “chord” to the new self, the new world and will eventually sever the connection to BE that new universal being.



The maestro is now in the down sweep of his baton and so the pause has passed. This new opus is birthed from the old, the original source, the theme, and the newly created that has never been. And so you will experience this sound-chord as eye opening– it will shake you from the depth of slumber that you knew not you were in to a newly created world. It is for you to go through the chord-sound-tunnel and become one with the new heartbeat. PUM PUM PUM. PAPA is beaming! Christ Michael IS through you.


指揮家正在向下揮舞指揮棒,間歇已經結束。這個新的作品將從舊的之中誕生,它來自于原初源頭,它的主題,這新創的作品以前從未有過。因此你們將大開眼界的經歷這個聲弦(巨浪),它將使你們從深度的麻木中驚醒,這麻木讓你們意識不到你們正在進入一個嶄新的被創造世界。是你們將要進入這個弦音隧道(巨浪),而變得與新的心跳合一。 PUM PUM PUM. 天父在照耀!基督邁克會在你們之內臨在。

FATHER: Please take this down. Moments will arrive when you will question EVERYTHING in Christ Michael’s mission. Ignore it. Days will pass when what was right side up will be upside down and you may know not how to place your footing. Ignore it. You will look into the mirror and know not how to define what you see there. Ignore that too. Ignore the pressure symptoms of the birth process – they will pass. You must unhinge yourselves from the very fabric that binds you. (The placenta and clean up will come later and you will be aided by specialists all along the way.) In this process you will find the bigger you and experience the kiss of SOURCE upon your crown that runs-“choruses”throughout your being like a living fire. BE STILL and receive it as it receives you into the UNION – universal ONE.





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